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We are the Mortgage and Business Loan professionals in Dandenong.


At Danber Financial Services we specialize in arranging mortgages, Refinances, business loans and property investment loans for clients in Dandenong. With over 30 years of combined industry experience our consultants can provide you with the perfect solution to your financial problems. Over the years our focus and dedication has allowed us to give you the personalised service that you deserve.


At Danber Financial Services our experts believe in giving you solid advice that you can trust. We can provide advice and loans (including Low Doc. Loans) for a variety of different financial stages of your life, including:

Refinancing Mortgage defaults Finance for Taxation Motor vehicle purchases Equipment purchases Home finance

Hire Purchase loans Migration home loans Consolidation Property investment loans and much more....

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Our Reprentatives are - Jeremy Orchard: Australian Credit representative No: 369393 and Australian Credit Licence No: 389087


EDR Scheme
We are part of the Credit Ombudsman Service, and independent and impartial complaint resolution Scheme approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
Being a member shows our commitment to providing our clients the highest level of personal service and professionalism.
If we have not met your expectations, please write or phone us and we will try to Sort it out as soon as possible.
If for any reason we cannot solve the problem, you may to contact the Credit Ombudsman Service.

In this ever changing finance market have you ever wondered if you have the right loan which suits your needs? Or are you finding that you are parting with more of your hard earned money just to make ends meet including the home loan, credit cards or car loans? Then perhaps its time to discuss refinancing all your high interest loans into one and improving the cash drain on the family budget. Danber Mortgages can assist you with this process.

Owner Occupier
Are you purchasing your first home Danber Mortgages will arrange and process your First Home Owner’s Grant for you. Are looking to upgrade your existing home to live in? Danber Mortgages acknowledges that you will have different needs and expectations from your loan than an investor. These will depend on many factors, such as how much income you earn, what commitments you have, how often you would like to make payments, whether you want a fixed or variable interest rate and how quickly you would like to own your own home. Danber Mortgages can assist in exploring all these areas and more.

Construction Loans
Alternatively, you may be thinking about building a home and need some guidance on how the finance works and what it is you have do to do to ensure a smooth process is undertaken in this sometimes confusing process. Danber Mortgages can assist you and ensure the progress payments are met without hassle to you.

Re-location Home Loans
Want to build or upgrade to your next home without the need to move or you have not sold your existing home? Danber Mortgages has lenders that specialize in this finance.

Investment Properties
Investing in property can be an effective way to increase your long term wealth. Some of the advantages of investing are associated with capital growth and the tax advantages the Australian Taxation Office awards to you when you negative gear the investment.
If you are thinking about buying an investment property there are certain factors to consider when deciding on which loan and how to finance the investment such as a fixed or variable rates of interest, how to fund the interest payments and whether to make repayments of both the capital and interest or just meet the interest payments on the investment.
Danber Mortgages has a number of financiers that specialize in this type of investment and we always recommend that any investment you make, you should seek independent legal and financial advice as everybody's financial situation is different.
Of course if you have equity and the property market is not for you and you wish to take advantages of other ways to create wealth Danber Financial Services has access to other professional services and firms to assist you.

Low Doc Loans
Finding it hard to satisfy the normal lending requirements of a financier and are either self employed or a PAYG income earner? Then maybe this type of facility is for you to allow you to purchase, construct or just consolidate some debt. Of course you must be confident that your cash flow and individual circumstances are able to meet your commitments that would apply to the lending. Danber Mortgages would be more than happy to assess and help you with this process.

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