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We are the Financial Planning & Superannuation professionals in Dandenong.


Danber Financial Planning is an wealth management and advisory firm that has no affiliation to any other organisation. We offer a FREE initial consultation and provide the following Financial Planning advice and services:
Wealth creation and accumulation Retirement planning and pensions Investment Superannuation and Policy Rollovers Personal life insurance Redundancy Corporate/Employer Superannuation

Danber Financial Planning also offers a FREE Financial Health Check-Up which includes a one-hour consultation with an adviser to assess:How much you may need to save to ensure your long-term and retirement goals How you can achieve financial independence sooner A simple investment strategy to assist in achieving your goals What your options are in regard to your superannuation benefits, and much more....

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Our Services
We acknowledge that each and every one of our clients has individual and specific requirements. Some of our clients are already financially successful and simply wish to protect and preserve what they have. Others are seeking to grow their wealth. As a result, each client receives a tailored and unique service designed to ensure that his or her expectations are met and exceeded. We can provide a total financial solution, or alternatively, advice can be limited to a particular service or situation.


Our Ongoing Service Program
Change is one of the few constants in the investment environment. Investment conditions, taxation, superannuation and social security regulations are constantly changing and all can have a significant impact on the suitability of your investment portfolio. This makes ongoing advice essential to ensure that the plan you have put in place is achieving your objectives and continues to remain relevant to your circumstances.

At Danber Financial Planning, we are committed to providing ongoing care to our clients. We provide an ongoing monitoring, reporting and advisory service. As part of this service, we seek to work together with you over the years to ensure that your investments continue to meet your requirements and changing financial circumstances. An alternative is for us to meet annually or at such other time that you decide. These meetings enable us to address both strategic and investment issues.

Wealth Creation and Accumulation
Many people have the desire to build wealth with the objective of becoming financially independent. Unfortunately too many people do not know how they should go about this. Wealth creation is not about speculation, get-rich-quick schemes or trying to select next year’s highest performing investments.
Wealth creation is best achieved through a range of strategies and effective investment that requires planning and action. Keeping abreast of changing legislation, making the most of the opportunities available to you, and structuring your finances appropriately are all fundamental in assisting you in achieving your lifestyle and financial objectives.
As with any journey, unless you have a destination you'll probably never arrive. Therefore, the first step to having financial independence is to plan for it. Unless you start taking some positive steps, financial independence shall be nothing more than a dream.

Remember, long term financial planning is pivotal in securing your financial independence in later life.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds
Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are now the favoured choice of retirement savings vehicle for people looking to do their own thing. But a SMSF is much more than a super fund that lets its members choose their own investments. SMSFs are a powerful wealth creation vehicle to maximise a person’s retirement income and hence their lifestyle. They can offer substantial rewards for their members including greater control of investments, better tax efficiency, greater flexibility, potential cost savings, the ability to structure their own superannuation and a highly tax effective estate planning tool.

Danber Financial Planning specialises in advising trustees of SMSFs. Our SMSF service allows you to make the most of what a SMSF has to offer. Our main objective in designing our SMSF service, was to ensure that our clients were able to take best advantage of their SMSF so they achieve their financial goals.

Given that we have no affiliation with any fund managers or product providers we are in the position to objectively review your current superannuation arrangements and make a recommendation as to whether you should stay invested where you are or rollover your funds to another superannuation provider.

Whether your funds are invested in an industry fund, mastertrust, corporate superannuation plan or retail fund we will assess the suitability of your current funds and compare them to the market. You will then be in a position to make an informed decision of where to invest your superannuation monies to maximise your benefit at retirement.

Corporate Superannuation
As the name implies, these funds are primarily designed to accept funds made by employers on behalf of employers as part of their obligations under the superannuation Guarantee legislation whereby statutory percentages of each employee’s salary is contributed the employee’s member account.

Choice of fund has increase the pressure on the business’ and the time spent on administration by your payroll staff is increasing. Establishing a Corporate Superannuation fund can assist in streamlining contributions.

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